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Who We Are

Hello dear visitor. Thank you for visiting our page, and our website. “About Me” would have been a better title, but I’m keeping “Who We Are” because it looks more formal. You can learn more about me in the Hire Me section at the top of the website. I’ll also link it at the end of this page. (Trying hard to sell myself, haha!)

Our Mission

This website is my very own creation. I’ve spent a lot of time planning to build this and will spend even more in the future. Honestly, the purpose of my site is to showcase my talents. Writing is my main talent, but I’m also skilled in SEO, designing, website building (only WordPress for now), and many other areas useful to business owners, designers, content writers, or anyone involved in online businesses. I guarantee that if you read any content from my website and are genuinely interested, you will benefit from it. I put my heart into my work, so I bet you’ll love it. (even If you don’t, just lie for once.)

Our Expertise

As mentioned before, this is a one-man website for now, but I use “our” to sound formal, or in case this single-person website expands to a team. I am Saifuddin Ahmad Sabit, and I’ve worked with entrepreneurs, SaaS products, small online businesses, publications, and blogs, offering content, graphic design, and intelligent suggestions. Copyright is an area I feel I could excel in if given the chance, though I haven’t tried it yet. I have a lot of experience, A LOT, but with failures.

Failing teaches us the most, right? I’ve been building sites since 2020 and still enjoy it. Anything on this website is 100% tested by me, not stolen, and genuine. Unlike most part of the internet.

Our Approach

I love being informal and aim to keep the website the same. I’ll try to be as informal as possible while being concise, so I don’t waste your time or bore you like you’re reading a 70-year-old’s survival book. I hope you’ll love my approach or be cute enough to lie about it.

Our Promise

We promise there will be no clickbait, only helpful and resourceful content. We promise to keep doing this as long as we can. At SERPContent, your voice will be heard. So, keep commenting, emailing us, and staying connected so we can continue to fulfill our promise.


Why is the section titled “Who We Are” instead of “About Me”?

The title “Who We Are” looks more formal, although “About Me” would have been a more accurate description.

What can visitors expect to gain from your website?

Visitors can learn from my talents in writing, SEO, designing, and website building, especially useful for online businesses.

Who is behind the SERPContent website?

Saifuddin Ahmad Sabit, an individual skilled in content creation, graphic design, and offering business suggestions.

How do you ensure the originality and usefulness of your content?

All content is 100% tested and genuine, created from my personal experience and not stolen from others.

How can visitors get involved with SERPContent?

By commenting, emailing, and staying connected, visitors can ensure their voices are heard and contribute to the site.

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